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Kent Electrical & Fire - your 5th emergency service in Kent

Here at Kent Electrical & Fire, we tackle disaster at its source, faster than we can stop a speeding bullet. Emergency situations tend to creep up on you, taking you by complete surprise-- but that is exactly why our team of professional electricians are here to help you, with our services being available 24/7, 365 days of the year. We pride ourselves on our aim to be with you within the hour, and to provide a range of services that will assure your safety.

Our Quality

Consider us your all-purpose shield: whether it be an emergency repair on a faulty electrical system that needs immediate attention, or installing top-of-the-line fire alarms and CCTV to keep you, your house, and your family, as safe as possible, K.E.A.F. will answer the call. Our team, with over 25 years of experience, are dedicated to applying their expert knowledge in preventing danger before it can strike, so that you can feel secure in your own home. We also provide a 5 year guarantee on ALL electrical work, so that you can feel safe in trusting in our services.

What good is tech knowledge without security knowledge?

Any electrician can install an alarm or CCTV system, but they won't understand how thieves work, so how can they give you a solution which offers full protection?

K.E.A.F. are technicians and fire protection experts. On-top of our team’s experience and proficiency, we also provide our range of services at some of the lowest prices in Kent, London, and the surrounding areas. It is vital to our team that we make sure you have peace of mind in the advice, help, and solutions we offer you before we finish up, all at an affordable price.

Plus, with our finger firmly on the pulse of fire advancements, you always get the benefits of the latest technology with K.E.A.F.

Personal service at an affordable price

K.E.A.F. offers a personal and helpful service at some of the lowest prices in London and Kent. We give you all of the advice and help you need to make sure that you have full peace of mind before we leave, and with free quotations, it's easy to find out how affordable K.E.A.F. could be.

If you want the best solutions at the best possible price, get in touch today.

More about the company

Our company, and by extension, our team, have been providing these services for decades. We understand the latest technology, and we know how to use it-- because we know our way around circuits, as well as how fires can start & spread. We don’t just come to your aid exclusively to provide a range of electrician services; our team is also able to analyse your property, identify potential fire hazards/safety risks, and will give our expert advice: assuring that you’re getting the maximum value for your money

It's why we've been chosen to help everyone - from residents to companies - In London, Kent and across the UK.

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Click here or call free phone 0800 689 1831 for a free, or a free, non-committal discussion about any solutions you may need for your domestic, residential, industrial, or commercial property.
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